Matematika, Tubig, at Pag-ibig

Posting this today because it’s Valentine’s Day. But actually, this was written early last year (March 14, 2017). It’s amazing, the inspiration we can get that makes us want to write. For this one, that inspiration is a two and a half hour afternoon lecture that talked about anything and everything under the sun except for the actual subject I came to that class for.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hindi naman mahirap umibig.

Sa totoo lang, napakadali pa nga.

‘Sing dali ng 1+1=2;

‘Sing natural ng paghinga.


Pero ang manatiling nagmamahal?

Yun, ibang usapan na!

‘Sing gulo ng unang beses mong aralin ang Calculus.

‘Sing hirap ng paghinga sa ilalim ng tubig.


“’Pag mahal mo, ipaglalaban mo.

‘Di mo susukuan dahil lang mahirap na.”

At bawat araw ay humihirap nga,

Hanggang ‘di mo namamalaya’y dumadali na pala.


Tulad ng unti-unting pag-intindi mo sa Calculus,

Na ilang beses mo mang binagsak ay sa dulo’y naipasa.

Tulad ng mala-imposibleng paghinga sa ilalim ng tubig,

Na ginawang posible ng tanke ng oxygen sa scuba.


Kaya’t oo, hindi talaga madaling manatiling umiibig.

Pero imposible lang ito kung susuko ka na.

[Photo Credit:]

The featured photo is a sandcastle made by a puffer fish, also known as an architect fish. The fish painstakingly makes this perfectly symmetrical sandcastle to attract a mate. It would work day and night, all in the name of love (or maybe, procreation).


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